The Sleeping Beauty in Orlando, FL

The original scenario was created by Ivan Vsevolozhsky, based on the fairy tale "La belle au bois dormant" by Charles Perrault. The first choreographer was Marius Petipa. Revised choreography and stage direction by Andrei Litvinov People's Artist of Moldova.

Steinmetz Hall

445 S Magnolia Ave, Orlando, FL 32801

Mar 04
7:00 PM


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The Sleeping Beauty is a ballet in a prologue and three acts, composed by Tchaikovsky in 1889. It is Tchaikovsky's second ballet, and his second-longest work at 160 minutes.

The original scenario was created by Ivan Vsevolozhsky, based on the fairy tale "La belle au bois dormant" by Charles Perrault. The first choreographer was Marius Petipa.

The ballet premiered at the Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg, Russia on January 15, 1890. From that year forward, The Sleeping Beauty has remained one of the most famous ballets of all time.

The story follows the classic fairytale of Princess Aurora, who is cursed by the evil fairy Carabosse to prick her finger on a spindle and die on her 16th birthday. The good fairy, the Lilac Fairy, is able to modify the curse so that instead of dying, Aurora will fall into a deep sleep for 100 years until awakened by the kiss of a prince.

After the prologue introducing the curse, the story follows Aurora growing up, celebrating her 16th birthday, pricking her finger, and falling into the 100-year slumber. In the final act, Prince Desire is led by the Lilac Fairy to Aurora's castle, where he finds her and awakens her with a kiss, breaking the curse. The ballet ends with a grand wedding celebration.

The Sleeping Beauty is known for its technically demanding choreography, lavish sets and costumes, and of course, Tchaikovsky's sweeping, iconic musical score. It remains one of the most beloved and frequently performed classical ballets to this day.


  • How long is the duration of the show?

    About two hours and 30 minutes. To find the run the length of a specific show, you are welcome to call the theatre on the day of the show

  • What time do doors open?

    Doors open approximately 60 minutes before the start of the show. Please note, this time may change without notice. Please call the Box Office for additional information.

  • Age category

    The show is family-friendly and suitable for ages 3 and up.


The story opens in the court of King Florestan XIV in the seventeenth century.


In the Royal castle, celebrations are in progress for the christening of the infant Princess Aurora. As the guests arrive, they are shown to their places by the Master of Ceremonies, Catalabutte. The King and the Queen enter and prepare to receive the six fairy godmothers. The fairies arrive with their pages, who dance with the royal maids of honor. The fairies each come forward with their gifts, arranging them around the cradle and accompanying them with promises that the Princess shall grow up beautiful, talented, and kind-hearted. As the Lilac Fairy approaches the cradle, the wicked fairy Carabosse arrives in a carriage drawn by rats. She is furious at not being invited to be a godmother and pronounces a curse on the baby: one day, Aurora will prick her finger on a spindle and fall into an everlasting sleep. Then the Lilac Fairy, who was about to bestow her own gift, intervenes. She does not have the power to overturn Carabosse's curse, but she mitigates it by saying that the princess shall be awoken after a hundred years by the kiss of the young Prince. The enraged Carabosse drives off in her carriage.

Act I. In the gardens of the Royal Castle, visitors are gathered to celebrate Aurora's twentieth birthday. Among the villagers, Catalabutte notices some old women threading spindles, which have been strictly forbidden since the day of Carabosse's curse. He confiscates the spindles and threatens the culprits with death. The King arrives with his Queen, accompanied by four princes, suitors of Princess Aurora. The prince's intercession saves the old woman from death, and the rejoicing resumes. The four princes approach the King and Queen as suitors for Aurora's hand. When Aurora enters, they are presented to her. She dances with the four princes in turn, accepting from each the rose he offers her. First, the maids of honor, then the pages, and finally, Aurora herself dances again. She sees an old woman who offers her a spindle. Delighted with it, she dances, waving it in the air. Suddenly, she pricks her finger. She dances ever faster but abruptly falls to the ground. The old woman reveals herself to be Carabosse, and, threatened by the princes, she vanishes in a cloud of smoke. Then, the Lilac Fairy appears and orders Aurora to be carried into the castle. She must sleep for a hundred years with the whole court. As a mist rises, the people grow still, and trees and bushes swiftly grow to hide the castle completely.

Act II. One hundred years has passed. Young Prince Desiré is out hunting with his retinue, and they pause at a clearing in the forest (Scene 1), where they dance and play games. The Prince remains aloof and uninterested in the girls' attention during the festivities. His tutor, Galifron, leads the dancers to their places for more formal dances. The ladies propose a farandole where the peasants accompanying the hunt may join. The hunt is resumed by all except the Prince, who remains behind, overtaken by a pensive mood. Suddenly, the Lilac Fairy appears before him and recounts the story of Sleeping Beauty, conjuring up a vision of her. The vision of Aurora dances with the Prince and then by herself before finally vanishing. Entranced and overwhelmed by the vision of Aurora, the Prince begs to be led to her. The Lilac Fairy and Prince Desiré travel in her boat through an enchanted wood to the castle, where all is eerily quiet. The fairy guides the Prince to the castle (Scene 2) and Aurora's bedside. He gazes at the Princess, and then, recognizing her as the Sleeping Beauty from his vision, he kisses her. The spell is broken. Aurora awakens and, seeing the Prince of whom she has dreamed, she takes him in her arms. Light floods the castle, the forest vanishes, and the King, Queen, and courtiers awaken.

Act III. Catalabutte leads the nobles and courtiers to greet the King and Queen for the wedding celebrations of Aurora and Desiré. The Silver, Gold, Sapphire, and Diamond Fairies arrive, followed by guest characters from fairy tales: Puss in Boots and the White Cat; Cinderella and Prince Fortuné; the Blue Bird and Princess Florine; Red Riding Hood and the Wolf; Hop My Thumb his brothers and the Ogre. Then Princess Aurora and Prince Desiré dance together. Roman, Persian, Indian, American, and Turkish guests dance the sarabande. All who have taken part in the entertainment parade around the floor. Finally, the Lilac Fairy appears to bless the marriage, and in true fairy-tale tradition, all live happily ever after.


Principal Dancers


  • Viktoria Suhostavskaya

  • Alexey Chorich

  • Daria Dubrovina

  • Alina Veretina

  • Andriy Trunov

  • Daria Konstantinovska

  • Daria Kravchenko

  • Daria Kuha

  • Dmitriy Sitkevich

  • Ekateryna Shmihelska

  • Elena Badalova

  • Elena Sitkevich

  • Elizaveta Khomenko

  • Euhenia Alipova

  • Iryna Avramenko

  • Ivan Kovalenko

  • Ivan Shunkin

  • Julia Bielan

  • Maria Davydova

  • Maria Lolenko

  • Maria Reshetnyk

  • Sergey Badalov

  • Taisiia Shevchenko

  • Zlata Mynchenko


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  • Doors open approximately 60 minutes before the start of the show! Please make a note that this time is subject to change without notice. For any additional information, feel free to give the theater Box Office a call. 📞
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  • If you are late for the show, our staff will help seat you during a suitable break in the performance. This is to minimize disruption for the audience and performers, allowing you to join the ballet experience smoothly. We recommend arriving at least 30 minutes before the showtime to fully enjoy our unforgettable productions.

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