Swan Lake in Orlando, FL

Music by Pyotr Tchaikovsky. Libretto and Choreography by Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov (1895.) Revised choreography and stage direction by Andrei Litvinov People's Artist of Moldova.

Steinmetz Hall

445 S Magnolia Ave, Orlando, FL 32801

Jan 04
7:00 PM


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Swan Lake is an essential ballet in contemporary classical theatre, and its psychological depth remains relevant today. The ballet's classical elements are evident in its meticulously crafted structure, adherence to traditional dance styles, and the distinction between classical and character dance. Its psychological impact lies in its enigmatic exploration of duplicity and the profound themes of fate and destiny.

Despite its eventual acclaim, Swan Lake did not receive instant recognition upon its premiere in 1877. The initial production, directed by Vaclav Reisinger at the Bolshoi Theatre, was conventional and lacked innovation. The renowned "Russian soul" and the iconic symbol of Russian spirituality embodied by the Swan were absent. Additionally, Tchaikovsky's music, fluctuating between mournful longing, triumphant celebration, and ominous foreboding, was not initially regarded as a masterpiece. Some critics considered the ballet lacking melodies, with the music being its weakest aspect. The spiritual essence of the ballet was overshadowed by the corps de ballet, who rigidly waved their cardboard wings during the premiere – an image that seems comical by today's standards. It is only through the recognition of Polina Karpakova, the first performer of the role of Odette, that we understand that ballet's history did not begin in St. Petersburg.

However, in St. Petersburg, Swan Lake found its true home. After a memorial concert for the composer at the Mariinsky Theatre in 1894, Lev Ivanov presented a delicate and touching "swan scene." This performance inspired Marius Petipa, the ballet company's director, to finally stage Tchaikovsky's dance debut at the Imperial Theatre. The premiere took place in 1895. Conductor and composer Riccardo Drigo tactfully revised the music, and most choreographers have since followed his version. The collaboration of Frenchman Petipa, Russian Ivanov, Italian Drigo, and Pierina Legnani as Odette-Odile gave birth to the legendary myth of Swan Lake.

Swan Lake has undergone significant changes on only three occasions throughout its more than century-long existence at the Mariinsky Theatre. This is a testament to the ballet's enduring nature. The most radical revision was surprisingly undertaken by a woman, Agrippina Yakovlevna Vaganova. Vaganova, a renowned teacher and exceptional soloist, aimed to simplify the mysticism of the libretto and music. She portrayed the story of the swan-maiden as the hallucinations of an erudite youth, eliminating the possibility of resurrection for the protagonists in the finale. However, only faint traces of Vaganova's influence remain in the current production, such as the graceful arm movements reminiscent of a swan and the expressive choreography in the meeting of Odette and Siegfried. Ten years later, Fyodor Lopukhov, another prominent figure in Soviet ballet, allowed the male protagonist to live and restored Odette's human form in the finale. However, Lopukhov's version, notable for von Rothbart's exceptional variation, remained in the theatre's repertoire for five years before being replaced by Konstantin Sergeyev's rendition. Sergeyev, a renowned dancer and choreographer, skillfully combined the best elements created for Swan Lake over fifty years, adhering to the principles of classical dance. To this day, Sergeyev's version is considered the epitome of classical dance imagery. It is the version captured on film that showcases the lyrical grace of Galina Ulanova, the virtuosic brilliance of Natalia Dudinskaya, the flawless technique of Gabriela Komleva, and the rebellious passion of Galina Mezentseva.

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In the tranquil setting of a castle garden, Prince Siegfried enjoys a lively gathering with his friends. Their merriment is interrupted by the Sovereign Princess, Siegfried’s mother, who announces that he must choose a fiancée at the upcoming ball. As night falls, Siegfried is left feeling melancholic, reluctant to leave behind his carefree life. His contemplation is disrupted by the mournful song of swans, leading him to follow them to an enchanted lake.

At the lake’s edge, Siegfried is captivated by the sight of a swan wearing a crown, which transforms into the beautiful Swan Queen, Odette. She reveals that she and her companions are under a sorcerer’s curse, only broken by true love’s pledge from a pure-hearted man. Siegfried declares his love for Odette, unaware of the sorcerer’s deceitful plans.

The following evening, the royal ball takes place, with guests from far and wide attending. Despite the presence of eligible princesses, Siegfried’s thoughts remain with Odette. Von Rothbart, the sorcerer, arrives with his daughter Odile, whom he has enchanted to resemble Odette. Siegfried, deceived by Odile’s likeness to Odette, pledges his love to her, unknowingly breaking his vow to Odette.

Realizing his mistake, Siegfried rushes to the lake to beg Odette’s forgiveness. She forgives him but explains that she is now bound by Rothbart’s spell. In a final confrontation with Rothbart, Siegfried chooses to be with Odette, facing the sorcerer’s wrath. Their love breaks the curse, freeing Odette and her companions from their avian form, allowing them to embrace a future together as the dawn breaks.

Principal Dancers


  • Alexey Chorich

    First Soloist

  • Daria Dubrovina

    First Soloist

  • Andriy Trunov


  • Daria Konstantinovska


  • Daria Kravchenko


  • Daria Kuha


  • Dmitriy Sitkevich


  • Ekateryna Shmihelska


  • Elena Badalova

    First Soloist

  • Elena Sitkevich

    First Soloist

  • Elizaveta Khomenko


  • Euhenia Alipova


  • Iryna Avramenko

    First Soloist

  • Ivan Kovalenko


  • Ivan Shunkin


  • Julia Bielan


  • Maria Davydova


  • Maria Lolenko

    Prima Ballerina

  • Maria Reshetnyk


  • Sergey Badalov


  • Taisiia Shevchenko


  • Zlata Mynchenko


  • Alina Veretina

    First Soloist

  • Viktoria Suhostavskaya



  • CAEI creates visually stunning productions that enchant and captivate audiences by combining timeless scores, impeccable dancing, hand-painted sets, and exquisite hand-crafted costumes. The choice of timeless scores ensures that the music accompanying the ballets resonates with audiences, evoking emotions and enhancing the overall experience. Impeccable dancing is a crucial aspect of CAEI's performances. The company's dancers are undoubtedly skilled and trained to execute classical ballet's intricate and demanding choreography. Their talent and dedication bring the movements to life, conveying the grace, precision, and beauty that are trademarks of the art form. In addition to the dancing, the hand-painted sets contribute to the overall visual splendor of CAE's productions. These carefully crafted backdrops create immersive environments that transport the audience to different worlds, enhancing the storytelling and adding depth to the performances. The exquisite hand-crafted costumes further elevate the productions. These meticulously designed and tailored garments enhance the visual appeal and contribute to the dancers' characterization. The costumes are vital in conveying the narrative and improving the aesthetic experience. Through its attention to detail and commitment to excellence, CAEI brings the magic of classical ballet to life on stage. Its visually stunning productions, combined with the artistry and skill of its dancers, create an enchanting experience for audiences.
  • Classical Arts Entertainment has significantly impacted ballet enthusiasts across the United States and Canada. With over a decade of experience and a rich history of over 20,000 shows, the company is dedicated to excellence, as seen in its meticulous approach to performance. The company features amazing principal dancers such as Maria Lolenko, Alexsandr Litvinov, Ilona Baitler, and Sergey Zdansky, bringing breathtaking moments of classical masterpieces to life.
  • Doors open approximately 60 minutes before the start of the show! Please make a note that this time is subject to change without notice. For any additional information, feel free to give the theater Box Office a call. 📞
  • Why do babies and children need a ticket to a ballet show? Have you ever wondered why babies or children need a ticket to go to a ballet show? Ballet shows are not just for grown-ups. They can also be amazing for our little ones! Here's why babies and children need their own tickets: 1. A special experience: Ballet shows are a treat for the senses! The graceful movements, beautiful music, and stunning costumes make a magical world for both young and old. With their own ticket, babies and children can fully experience the wonder and beauty of the show. 2. Their own seat: Having a ticket means babies and children have their own seats. This ensures they have a comfortable and safe place to watch the show without being disturbed. It also helps the organizers arrange the seats properly. 3. Safety first: Ballet shows have limited space to ensure everyone's safety and enjoyment. By requiring tickets for babies and children, event organizers can control the number of little ones in the audience, making it a safe and fun experience for everyone. 4. Supporting the arts: Buying a ticket for a baby or child doesn't just get them into a beautiful show. It also supports the arts. Your help keeps ballet companies, theaters, and artists going, so they can keep making amazing shows for years to come. So, next time you're thinking of going to a ballet show with your little one, don't forget to get them their own ticket! Let's make great memories and encourage a love for the arts in our children from an early age!
  • The choice is entirely up to you! When attending a traditional ballet performance, it presents a wonderful chance to dress up and embrace your sophisticated side. A large number of our guests appreciate wearing formal attire for this special occasion. Nonetheless, if you prefer a more relaxed and comfortable style, that is absolutely acceptable as well! Be reassured that you won't be the only one, as our main focus is to guarantee you have a pleasurable experience, regardless of your chosen outfit.
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  • Camera Policy Update: No Photo Shooting or Video Recording during the show. 🚫 Hey everyone! We wanted to take a moment to inform you about an important update to our camera policy here at Classical Arts Entertainment. Effective immediately, we kindly request that there be no photo shooting or video recording during the show. While we encourage capturing special moments, this policy aims to ensure the quality and privacy of our video content. By refraining from taking photos during video recordings, we can minimize distractions and maintain a professional atmosphere. This policy applies to all team members and guests who participate in our video production process. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in adhering to this camera policy. If you have any questions or need clarification, please reach out to the theater Box Office.
  • Join us for a truly enchanting experience during the theater's intermission! Indulge in a 20-minute break filled with delectable snacks and rejuvenating drinks at our concession stand. Treat your taste buds while basking in the magic of the performance. But that's not all! Please take a moment to explore our merchandise table, where you'll find an array of top-notch branded t-shirts, elegant ballet ornaments, and captivating ballet-themed souvenirs. And here's the cherry on top! Immortalize this unforgettable experience by taking a professional photo with one of our talented ballet dancers. Time flies, so return to your seat promptly for the second act. Don't miss a single moment of this extraordinary performance! See you at the theater!
  • Attention all ballet lovers! Get ready for an unforgettable experience at our upcoming show! We are thrilled to announce that during the one-hour before the show start, during 20 minutes intermission, and immediately after the show, you will have the incredible opportunity to take photos with a talented ballerina! Capture the magic of this moment and create lasting memories with a professional photographer. For just $25 per photo, you will receive a beautifully printed 8 x 10 size photograph. But wait, there's more! As an added benefit, you will also receive a digital link on Google Drive with several photos, allowing you to share these precious moments with your family, loved ones, and friends! Don't miss out on this amazing chance to meet a ballerina up close and personal, and take home a stunning keepsake from the show.
  • We are thrilled to announce that the program for our upcoming performance is now available in PDF format on our website. Simply head over to www.classicalarts.net to find it and get a sneak peek into the mesmerizing world of our show! But wait, there's more! On the day of the performance, we will also have a QR code displayed in the theater lobby. Simply scan the code with your smartphone to instantly access the program. No more worrying about losing or forgetting your physical program. Now, it's easier than ever to stay connected and immerse yourself in the magic of our production. Get ready to be captivated by the enchantment of the stage! Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to enhance your theater experience. See you there!
  • If you are late for the show, our staff will help seat you during a suitable break in the performance. This is to minimize disruption for the audience and performers, allowing you to join the ballet experience smoothly. We recommend arriving at least 30 minutes before the showtime to fully enjoy our unforgettable productions.

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