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  • G. Verdi


    Opera legend in 4 acts

    This story is several thousand years old, but it has everything that can captivate a modern viewer. And fatal love, female deceit, tragic coincidences of fate, a love triangle (Aida – Amneris – Radames), and crime. In the opera Aida, Verde managed to combine, as Massimo Mila noted, “the innate strength of the soul and the Garibaldian courage of his inspiration with the maturity of the spiritual world, deepened by many years of life experience, and the perfection achieved by an annoying and difficult search.”

  • J. Puccini

    Madama Butterfly

    Lyric opera in 3 acts

    The opera Madama Butterfly is a touching story of love between a young Japanese woman, Cio-Cio-san, and a Lieutenant of the American Navy, Pinkerton. The plot is based on a short story by John L. Long, but the actual immortality of the “girl from Nagasaki” was given by the Italian composer G. Puccini. He was amazed and deeply moved by the love story of a beautiful geisha for an American sailor.

  • Carl Orff

    Carmina Burana

    Mercies and grimaces of fortune / musical and choreographic performance for choir, soloists, ballet, orchestra

    This superb work is based on poems and songs of wandering poets of the 13th century. The content of the so-called “Bavarian songs” (literal translation of the name) is quite diverse: round spring dances, love lyrics, and even philosophical quests, standing next to the theme of the sinful joys of life.

    But the essential thing in this work is the music of Carl Orff. It is in it that our whole life seems to be hidden. And everyone who knows how to hear and feel will find his own in this music – there are so many facets and nuances. Of course, it is unrealistic to explain the music in words, but it is precisely thanks to it that the hypnotic magnetism of the work is created. There is some incomprehensible mysticism in it. Everything seems to be simple, but there are no definitive answers. And we can only remember one thing: life goes on, and the wheel of Fortune is spinning.

  • G. Verdi


    Lyric opera in 3 acts

    Fantastic scenery, striking in its beauty and scale! Unique author’s performance. Of the twenty-six operas created by G. Verdi, “Nabucco” (Nebuchadnezzar) is classified as one of the earliest and, simultaneously, one of the best in his work. Moreover, the opera was a turning point in the composer’s biography. “It was the opera that started my life as an artist,” recalled Verdi.

    On March 9, 1842, the opera Nabucco premiere took place on the stage of La Scala until the end of 1842, 65 times with a crowded hall! Critics called “Nabucco” a “drama for the choir” and even a “choral fresco”; the choir, embodying the image of the people, plays such a significant role in the opera. Despite the biblical story, the Italians heard in Nabucco the tale of the fate of their homeland, which is fighting for freedom. Therefore, it is not surprising that the choir of captive Jews, “Va, pensiero, sull’ali date,” became the second national anthem of Italy.

    The triumph of the opera changed the fate of Verdi – at the age of 29, he became the most famous composer and worked non-stop; the premiere followed the premiere. Later, Verdi will call this period of his life sweet hard labor. It was during this period that
    the great Italian created real opera hits that are now on all the opera stages of the world: Rigoletto, La Traviata, Trovatore, Sicilian Evening, Simon Boccanegra, Un ballo in maschera, Macbeth,” “Don Carlos,” “Aida,” “Othello” and others.

  • G. Puccini


    A theatrical fairy tale for adults in 3 acts with one intermission, based on the play of the same name by carlo gozzi

    Love is worth losing your head!

    Princess Turandot, a beauty from China, hates men. Not only does the princess despises the more vigorous sex, but she also sends the suitors to the chopping block, where ruthless executioners cut off their heads. But one fabulous day, a mysterious prince appears in Beijing, melting the icy heart of the princess with the heat of his love.